TV Personality Mary Shittu sets out in full force to bring young women together, to sparkle like a DIAMOND, forever.


Mary Shittu’s presents ‘i am a DIAMOND forever’ Women’s Empowerment Event 2014, tagged ‘In Conversation about Relationships’ How to have Healthy Relationships, Value Yourself and Self Presentation/Styling. The Prestigious Hilton Metropole Hotel, Edgware Road, London W2 1JU is the venue set for the event, to be held on the 4th October 2014 from 1pm to 5pm & with a token fee of £5.00.

With a shocking percentage of 51% homicides against women, were most likely to be committed by a partner or ex-partner (Office of National Statistics). ‘i am a DIAMOND forever’ event ‘in conversation about Relationships’ aims to educate, Advise, support and open the line of communication with young women from ages 18-35 years old.

The setting of the event will be relaxed and informal, an atmosphere where the attendees can feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease to learn & share. Armed with information and expertise will be three Diamond Speakers: Host & Visionary-TV Personality, Award Winning Fashion Entrepreneur, Model & Women’s Empowerment Speaker-Mary Shittu, Women Entrepreneur fearless Mentor- Genevieve Muwana, Stylist & Personal Style Consultant- Lu Li.

Alongside our Speakers, will be Diamond Experts *Diamond Doctor: Women’s Health, *Diamond Spiritual Speaker: Margaret Ferris, * Diamond Survivor- Real Life Experience Speaker. Also, an ‘All Male Panel’ for Questions and Answers- for all the question women have always wanted to ask Men, no holds barred!!! The guests will be treated to some Music by emerging Diamond Singers, Life changing Poems & Special Gifts.

After a power charged time in the event, guests will be treated to some pampering & relaxation time from 4pm-5pm, in the Pamper Room- Make-up, Nails, Massages and Styling.

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