Ezenwanyi in Waiting, Theodora Ibekwe-Oyebade Speaks Out


The entire London and perhaps UK Nigerian Community was amazed by the news that emerged late last week that Theodora Ibekwe-Oyebade was to be conferred a Chieftaincy title back in Nigeria – but few really understood the true connotation, relevance or meaning of the title.

In a long but candid conversation with HRH Theodora Ibekwe-Oyebade yesterday, the multi-award winning actress and PR guru personally explained in depth, the origin and meaning of the title. According to her, the title was conferred on her as a mark of appreciation and recognition of her hard work and contribution to the Nigerian Film Industry in the UK (Nollywood UK). She said that she had been informed by the organisers that her work and selfless dedication had been under observation for a while and as a role model and inspiration to many, the unanimous decision to crown her Ezewanyi Nollywood (Queen of Nollyood) was taken. Asked if the title had been given her by her home town ruler, Theodora explained that the decision was made in the South and specifically in Port Harcourt whereas she is Igbo from the East thus debunking any allegations of tribalism.

Theodora went further to point out that she had been informed that her entire life and lifestyle had been put under scrutiny without her knowledge and she had been found to be fully deserving of the highest title of Queen due to the respectable way and manner she comports herself in public and also because of the excellent reputation that had been reported of her.

She therefore admonished young actresses and entertainers that believe that semi-nudity in dressing and public debauchery is a mark of stardom are getting it wrong. She also added that she felt vindicated, and that her integrity and all the commitment she had put in to her work in Nollywood UK oftentimes with very little or no pay has finally paid off.

In conclusion, HRH Theodora as she would henceforth be addressed, advised that people need to be careful and conscientious at any time – putting in their best efforts and being of good reputation at all times as one never knows who could be watching.

The coronation, which will make Theodora the first ever Nollywood UK personality to be conferred any traditional title will take place in Port Harcourt, Nigeria on the 30th of November and is expected to have celebrities and dignitaries from Nollywood UK, Nollywood Nigeria and the Nigerian Media, Music and Entertainment Industries in attendance.

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Story: BaronessJ (http://www.baronessj.com/412169450/2300609/posting/)