Meet Dot and Darryl … (Taking Music to da Next Level)

HIGHER POSTER 2Inspirational AfroPop/Gospel, R&B/Hip Hop Duo based in the UK.

Together these two amazingly gifted Artistes; DOT & DARRYL have collaborated to help shine a light unto this generation. Music is not just entertainment; it is actually one of the strongest media for spreading Love, Peace & Hope! The sky is definitely the starting point…

HIGHER ON WEB 2 SIZEDDOT ACHERU AGBUDE also known as THE STORY TELLER is a Poet, Singer & Song-Writer. Her music has got a blend of Urban, Contemporary Hip-Hop, R&B & Reggae Soul. Her mission, as random as it might sound is to change the world through Music, Sounds & Lyrics. Dot has an EP titled CRISIS & includes songs like, YOU CAN, GREATEST GIFT & OLD TIME RELIGION!

DARLINGTON “DARRYL” AGBUDE is a multi-talented R&B Singer, Song-Writer & Dancer. DARLINGTON has got singles like ‘2 DA TOP’ featuring UK’s JIBILICIOUS. He is certainly taking music to DA NEXT LEVEL; he’s got the style, the charisma…& da swag…A NEW SOUND IS BORN.


‪#DotDarryl‬ – ‪Higher‬ ‪‎New Single‬ Available in Stores 26 NOV 2014

Written by: Sunday Olorunshola