37 killed, 23 injured in multiple explosions today

May God rest the souls of the lost and comfort the bereaved. God bless Nigeria.

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At least 37 people died in Biu town in Southern Borno state when multiple explosions occurred at a military checkpoint at the entrance of the town, security sources and ‎witnesses have said.

Twenty-three others were injured in the incide

A group of Boko Haram terrorists tried to enter Biu in a vehicle filled with explosives but were blocked by soldiers at a checkpoint along the Biu-Maiduguri road, a security official said.

“A Boko Haram terrorists alighted the bus and join other travellers from other vehicle to walk through the checkpoint with their hands raised above their heads,” witnesses said.

“But a vigilant member of the Civillian-JTF who was quick to spot the Boko Haram terrorists as he was pulling the pin off the hand grenade quickly corked his rifle and shot the terrorist in the head. The man fell down and the grenade exploded killing innocent travellers and children hawking…

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