Okey Bakassi Warns Friends And Colleagues To Stay Away From Drugs As He Reveals His First Love

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Okey bakassi

Nollywood actor/comedian Okey Bakassi disclosed who his first love was, and has also used the opportunity to warn his friends and colleagues who are abusing drug to desist from consuming drugs…

Hear him:

“In the 1980s, I fell in love with this pretty lady (see dp). She was slender and pretty (my spec). Her sweet voice will draw my attention to whatever source it was coming from and her beautiful, infectious smile will keep me glued to any TV set.
She was the most talented of her time and indeed all Times. I was so jealous when I heard she was getting married to Bobby Brown (I’m a fan too).
If you’re are a fanatical Beyonce fan, what ever you feel for Beyonce is 10x less than what I felt for my musical first love.
Why am I remembering her today? It’s 3 years already since we lost her to “drug” related…

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