CANUK was set up to ensure that the welfare, views, and community interests of Nigerians in the United Kingdom are represented in a harmonious and organized manner; thereby giving a common forum and united voice to an expression of pride and hope for a vibrant Nigerian community in the United Kingdom. The inspiration for the establishment and sustenance of CANUK is from the Nigeria High Commission and staff. The founding patron of CANUK was HE Dr Christopher Kolade CON, the former Nigerian High Commissioner to the UK (supported by the Head of Chancery of the mission at the time, Ambassador Hameed Opeloyeru). The mission is now by led by a seasoned statesman Dr Sarki Dalhatu Tafida OFR. CFR. and supported by very professional diplomats and staffs. (Bimbo, outgoing Chair of CANUK).

Since 2005 that CANUK was inaugurated this election will be ushering in the Third Set of Leaders in the order of Mark Abani, (2005-2010), Bimbo Afolayan, (2011-2015). All these past leaders have done great by chatting the history of the Nigerian Community in the UK. It is in the mould of the above that, we are presenting to you, the Next Set of Executive Council Members to be led by Mr. Babatunde LOYE as Chair.

To this end, we present the profile of each contestant going in for Election and solicit your support. Meet the Winning Team:



Vote Babatunde Loye for Chairman-CANUK 2015-2017

Having earned my degree in Management and Accounting in native Nigeria and an MBA at Canterbury Business School. My goal was to complement my natural technical savvy with a strong foundation in business and finance. For me to achieve this it gives me an opportunity to help my community

I am currently part of CANUK’s executive committee and worked closely with the outgoing chairman. I have detailed knowledge, understanding and the working of CANUK and have developed requisite PR with all its major stakeholders to be able to assure them better of our needs and aspirations.

This is the vision that incites my struggle to position Nigerians in Diaspora in the political landscape. I aim to proudly represent the Nigerian community across the nation, uniting them on a single platform thereby creating avenues to empower them.

Working alongside a team of highly dedicated, self-motivated and task-driven individuals, I will serve the Nigerian community in the U.K, to the best of my abilities and exercise objectivity, truthfulness, integrity, impartiality, professional diligence and professional care for the socio-economic uplift of our community.

I have decided to dedicate my life to the cause of our people because I want to:

–  Serve my community and lead it towards a path of development and social uplift

–  Bring hope and joy to our youths by providing better employment opportunities

–  Promote business, trade and commerce activities for our community

–  Eradicate gang violence, vandalism and other crimes that plague our community

–  Show the world a successful, thriving and independent Nigerian community

–  Reach out to the millions of Nigerians facing U.K. immigration issues

–  Voice out the problems faced by Nigerian immigrants in U.K. and provide assistance

–  Help Nigerian retirees in U.K. transition towards a meaningful post-retirement life

–  Empower Nigerian women and students in U.K. by making their voice heard

–  Establish transparency in the relationships between:

  • Nigerians in the U.K.
  • Nigerian Organizations in the U.K.
  • Nigerian Businesses in the U.K.
  • Nigerian High Commission in the U.K; and
  • U.K. Government and Authorities.

Peters Omoragbon

  • Pastor Peters Osawaru Omoragbon is a seasoned Public Servant, Philanthropist, Politician, and a Human Rights and Civil Society Activist. In 1983 graduated as a Psychiatric Nurse from Aro Psychiatric Hospital, Abeokuta, and Ogun state and is a lifetime global learner. He has diligently worked as a Nursing Officer for the Federal Civil Service in Nigeria, Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos until retirement in 1995. Then he continued in nursing as a Senior Nurse with the First Consultants Medical Center, Obalende, Lagos. He is the Founding Executive President/CEO of Nurses Across the Borders Humanitarian Initiative Inc. (USA and NIGERIA since 1999), an NGO in Special Consultative Relationship with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations-ECOSOC, Designated Focal Person to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change-UNFCCC. Permanent Representative to the United Nations for Nurses Across the Borders. He is also a Board member, Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations-CONGO, (2011 till 2017), Secretary, Regional Committee for Africa to CONGO, Secretary, Civil Society Network on Climate Change in Nigeria. He is a Fellow of the Open Society Institute, Hungary and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers-ICANN. Pastor Omoragbon is one of the Founding Ministers of Mountain of Solutions Ministries, International, Nigeria and Resident Pastor i/c, He Reign Fellowship, UK. He is equally a community leader within the Ethnic Black Minority Group in the UK as Branch Rep of Unison BME at the Hertfordshire HPFT NHS Trust, Treasurer, Central Association of Nigerians in the UK-CANUK (a body responsible for the coordination of all the Nigerian Cultural, professional and social groups in the UK) and International Liaison Officer-Nigerian Nurses Charitable Association-UK-NNCA-UK. He is the current General Secretary, Edo National Association-UK. Twice-2012 and 2014 has the United Nations Secretary General Adopted the Statements of Nurses Across the Borders and same published in the Six major UN Languages and now archived as: E/2012/NGO/118 & E/2014/NGO/41


1. REMEMBER AFRICA AWARD 2009, UK-By the Commonwealth Society UK. FOR: Your great endeavours and dedication to Africa in your endless efforts in helping to make poverty history in Africa, through your caring and relief projects for Africa

2. INTERNATIONAL NURSES AWARD Chicago, USA 2010: By the National Association of Nigerian Nurses in North America: FOR: Your excellent efforts in promoting Nursing and Nurses all over the world with Nurses across the Borders

3. AMBASSADORS AWARD 2011, By Teachers Without Borders for: Promoting the eradication of HIV/AIDS in Africa.

  1. Ubaka Alex Achebe; Bsc, Msc, AIB, ACIBi First Vice Chair – CANUK 2015-2017

Ubaka Alex Achebe

Why I am running for this position?

I have been a servant of our people for over 20 years, and have participated in major activities that has influenced and enhanced the well being of Nigerians in the Diaspora. I come from a humble family background, and have upheld family values and orientation in all spheres of my public and private life. My uncle, Chinua, remains an exemplary Nigerian who represented tenacity, fearlessness, humility, hard work and unflinching loyalty to Nigeria and the black race. I represent just the same qualities, which led me to serve the Church of England since 2008, serve the Anambra State union UK since 2009, serve the Ohaneze Ndigbo Association since 2010,serve my  Ogidi Community Association since 2002, served the Ojukwu Burial Committee in 2012, founder and convener of the annual Prof Chinua Achebe Memorial since 2013,participated in the Local Government Housing stock transfer project in Lambeth in 2002, managed Local Authority Income teams over the past 12 years in Lambeth, Newham, Hackney, Lewisham and presently in Sutton. I want to bring my wealth of experience to serve our people through CANUK in the capacity that they will deem fit for me to serve them. CANUK needs compatriots who can make a positive impact on the lives, values, attitudes and expectations of our people. I bring with me a proven track record of achievements in understanding, a commitment, love and a strong desire to achieve long term vision for CANUK.

There are reported incidences of lots of diversities that are not helped by the tendency for people to “look out only for their brothers/sisters”. I disagree with that. Just as I led on the Inclusive project of the Black & Ethnic Minority group of the Church of England for over 5 years, I believe that if, you vote me, I would start a cultural initiative to bring our people together under the auspice of CANUK. . I am aware of the deep cultural, ethnic and religious diversities of our people and I will work to achieve the continual need to love, share, tolerate, understand and respect our differences.

Charity Work

  • Since 2010, I have been elected into the Anglican Church of England, Southwark Diocese Board of Finance.
  • Since 2008, I have been elected the Honourable Deanery Treasurer and the Reporting Accountant for the Anglican Deanery Synod in Greenwich. I have been carrying out yearly auditing of the accounts of 2 Trustees groups.
  • I am a Director of Windolph, a charity organization aimed at assisting widows and orphans in South Eastern Nigeria.


1.MSc Business Management, University of Wales

2. BSc. Hons Accounting , Uniport

3. Associate Member, Institute of Leadership and Management, UK

4. Member, Institute of Customer Services, UK

5. Member, Business School, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

6. Associate member, Institute of Bankers of Nigeria



Born and raised in Edo State, Theodora Ibekwe-Oyebade originally hails from Owerri in Imo State, Nigeria. Considered a child prodigy by her primary school tutors, Theodora’s parents wanted her to pursue education as far as she could take it. This led to a certificate in Education at Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State. Later on she studied Accounting at the University of Lagos.

Even though she excelled in academics, Theodora also greatly admired entertainers and all things entertainment. After her education, she decided to move to the UK in order to seek out other opportunities.

The multi-award winner, who regularly graces the cover of UK-African magazines, founded Miss Elegant International, a beauty pageant in 2009. This propelled her into the limelight and a few years later, she took the pageant one step further with the Miss Elegant International TV show. The TV show aired on the only African TV station at the time; BEN TV. Through this medium, she became a well-known promoter in the African-UK entertainment industry. An avid entrepreneur at heart, she then became a Director of Starlywood, which is a competition-based talent show, aimed at discovering young Black talent in the UK. With offers pouring in from African celebrities like Clarion Chukwurah, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, John Utaka,  Pauline Long, Dayo Olomu, etc for her to promote and consult on their entertainment projects, Theodora then created Theodora PR, a media and consultancy PR firm for Black talent in the diaspora (

Theodora had a chance encounter, whilst a stand-in MC at an event, with a film producer. Incidentally, he was casting for a new movie with Nollywood star Jim Iyke, and was so impressed by her performance that he offered her the lead role. This led to her big break in movies. She went on to star in other movies and in February 2013, took on her first role as a producer for the drama Shameful Deceit.

She also recently produced her first stage drama Franz Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” adapted by Nick Pelas.

Theodora Ibekwe -Oyebade recently tied the knot and the budding entrepreneur continues to create opportunities for herself in the UK-African entertainment industry.

She is proud to be named as one of the founding producers of the UK Nollywood Movie Industry.

Also an inspirational speaker, Theodora has had numerous speaking engagements including the launch of Miss Bronze UK pageant, in Portsmouth; Lift Effects 2013; the launch of  Enrich Africa charity just to mention a few. As one of the founding members of the UK Nollywood Producers Guild, Theodora is presently its public relations officer.


  • · Supported and helped raised funds for Clarion Chukwura’s charity

·         Supported fund raising for Theodora children’s Trust UK

  • · Supported and fundraised for the John Utaka foundation

Supported and fundraised for Ngozi Nwosu’s Kidney Treatment

Awards: Theodore has more than 40 Awards in her credit for outstanding performance and service. Some of which are listed but NOT limited to:

 Award of Excellence 2008

Love to Work charity organisation 2008

M & M Award of Excellence 2009

Personal Achievement Award 2010

Women in Enterprise Award 2010

Recognition Award 2010

Pride of the Motherland 2010

Special Industry Award 2011

Further info can be also found here:

Shameful Deceit Movie Website:


Dr Femi Williams

I qualified as a medical doctor in  year 2000 from  University College Hospital Ibadan , Nigeria. This was  after I had completed a B.Sc degree in Microbiology in 1990 at the University of Ibadan
> As a medical student I played a major role in ” Alanu” a charity programme /event organised by medical students to raise funds for the less privileged during Xmas seasons . The event is held yearly and it is in a concert format where medical students perform on stage either in drama , music and any other vocation different from medicine .All medical professionals and outsiders attend and funds are raised from both the tickets and motivational speech/appeal to those present. Donations went  to charity organisations in Ibadan, Nigeria  to be specific,. I was involved with Alanu for three years
> I moved to the  UK in 2001 to practice medicine , I  currently  specialise in Forensic Psychiatry.
> I initiated the formation of the Ex ISI UK Association  (International  School  Ibadan Alumni Association) in 2012 by starting a series of informal social events in order to help the growth of the group . Events have been organised in hotels , restaurants and lounges characterised by music, lunch, dinner and dance   etc and the group has grown from 25 (since the first event at WAZOBIA Restaurant  in June 2012)to over 170 registered active members as at the Xmas  party  December 2014 .

Ex ISI UK, through my organising several social events have raised thousands of pounds that have gone and continues to go into overhauling the whole water system in the school and will continue to support the school in several other projects that has been lined up .

My passion for charity has led me to the formation of Havens charity organisation in Nigeria . This is a self funded charity that help to support  people with Cerebral palsy , Down syndrome , Learning disability and other neurological  illness that is not fully recognised and appreciated in a third world country like Nigeria. The organisation coordinated by myself provides free housing, medical and nursing health care in a residential /nursing home format. The aim is to give this group of individuals a better quality of life despite their physical disability or challenges. This organisation is supported by Clinical colleagues such as doctors, nurses and physiotherapist that have bought the vision and are happy to provide their services free of charge. There is going to be a formal launching of the organisation in Boston United states on 25th of July 2015.

  1. Lagun Akinloye   –  Vying for Publicity Secretary

Lagun Akinloye

Born into a political family from Ibadan, Oyo State, Lagun from a young age decided that his life was to be lived for the benefit of others and not only himself.

Being brought up as a Nigerian in the Diaspora afforded him the opportunity to see life through different lens but helped him to understand that there was no greater joy than serving his native community. A graduate of the University of Leeds (Class of 2011), Lagun obtained an upper second class degree with honours in Sociology and Social Policy.

A keen musician and boxer, he was also active in student politics and rose to the position of President of the African-Caribbean Society and the representative of all black and Asian students in the Leeds University Student Union.

Life after University presented many chances to travel abroad and Lagun spent 6 months touring South America visiting Brazil, Argentina & Uruguay, He eventually returned to London to take up a position as a political analyst for a London based pan-African news publication, Think Africa Press.

His passion for writing, politics and Nigeria flourished during this period and he rose to become the sole analyst on Nigerian socio-political issues for Think Africa Press and a much respected commentator on African issues.

He is currently an analyst for the New African Magazine and appears regularly on TV, Radio and podcasts discussing various issues on the subject of music, politics, sports and literature, all centred on Nigeria.

In 2012 Lagun decided the time was right to further immerse himself into the Nigerian community and was co-opted into the Central Association of Nigerians in the UK (CANUK) as their Assistant Publicity Secretary, a position he has remained in till date.

The love for his country and the admiration of the Nigerian community in the UK has led him to seek the position of Publicity Secretary in the 2015 CANUK elections. With his proven track record & selfless contribution to the growth of information management in our community, he humbly asks for your support as he attempts to make a difference for Nigerians living in the UK.

“The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness”

Positions held include:

Class Prefect- Hill House International School

Model United Nations Representative (Nigeria) – Davies Laing & Dick College (DLD)

President African-Caribbean Society – Leeds University

Black & Asian Assembly Chairman-Leeds University Student Union

Political Analyst-Think Africa Press

Head of Media Relations-Think Africa Press

Head of Media- Pathway Sports

Political Analyst-New African Magazine

Assistant Publicity Secretary- Central Association of Nigerians in the UK (CANUK)


Godwin Forson

Mr Godwin Emiko Forson is currently the outgoing Secretary General of the University of Benin Alumni Association UK Branch, he has held various positions serving humanity from his Secondary School days back in Nigeria, to his current position here in the UK, his love for humanitarian service brought about the setting up of the Teens Ministry in his local Church to combat the menace teenagers and youths alike are facing in the UK, this Ministry has been on for five years now.


Godwin attended the University y of Benin where he obtained a degree in Mathematics with Economics in 2001, he got his Masters degree from London South Bank University in 2006 and a Post Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing from the University of West London in 2013.  Currently Godwin works as a Mental Health Nurse and he is married with three kids.


President Press Club – Army Day Secondary School Benin City

Director of Socials – National Association of Mathematics Students of Nigeria UNIBEN

Director of Finance – Nigerian Association of Science Students UNIBEN 1999/2000

Student Union Government Parliamentarian – 2000

Teens Ministry Founder and Co-ordinator 2009 to Date

Member CANUK Project Committee 2012 to Date

Member CANUK Family Fun Day Organising Committee 2014

Godwin has been with CANUK executives for about three years now and has taken part in various community activities like the town hall meetings to Scotland and Belfast, planning of the Family Fun Day 2014 and other activities where CANUK has been represented.

He is willing to serve and so has offered his service, vote for the winning team.


Liz Ikiriko

I have always been held out by my parents as the custodian of the family’s secrets and To him, he found in me a lawyer right from when I began my nursery school because I enjoyed school, read my storybooks and rhymes with  dedication yet the quiet one amongst all. This may explain why I still love reading.

After obtaining my first Degree in Political Science, I returned back to study Law in 1985, waded through Nigerian Law School Lagos in 1989 and got called to the Nigerian Supreme Court as a Barrister & Solicitor. I practised as an in-house Barrister Nigeria Immigration Service and rose to the rank of Chief Superintendent in charge of Legal /Investigation in Lagos before returning back to the UK.

Being the ‘Book worm’ I am, I’ve consistently improved my knowledge by studying and obtaining an MBA in Management, M.Sc in Applied Research and almost concluding my Doctoral Research in Management.

I thrive in maximization of every time, opportunity and responsibility. Thus, while pursuing to acquire more knowledge as part of self-actualization, I have concurrently worked hard to use the little I know to improve the lives of others and my community in general.

After my enrolment as a Solicitor of England and Wales in 2002, I worked in several city law firms the last being O’Keeffe Solicitors. I noticed while here that our African brothers and sisters were losing out a lot in terms of assistance with immigration and Asylum. My non- African colleagues made fun of our brothers and sisters under the illusion that their claims were frivolous and so often did not diligently deal with their cases. This prompted me to establish MELROSE Solicitors to help fellow Africans in particular and others in general.

I am pleased to mention that I have elevated and contributed to the happy, settled and fulfilled lives of several families through my work. I also enjoy serving the community through engaging in mentoring programmes for youths, adults in need and also those requiring rehabilitation.

I am married with two children.

I currently serve in diverse capacities in my quest to serve humanity. These include:

  • President– Rivers State Women Association UK & Ireland
  • Legal Secretary – Buguma Internal Affairs Society, UK,  Kalika Assembly Kalabari Central Organization, UK, CANUK.
  • Member-British Nigerian Law Forum, International Federation of Women Lawyers, Nigerian Bar Association, Sole Practitioners Group, Black Solicitors Network Group, British Educational Management Society, (BELMAS), British Academy of Management, Enfield &Haringey Law Practitioners Forum etc.

I was co-opted to serve as the Legal Adviser for CANUK unelected to cover the gap left by the former Legal Adviser and so I have only served approximately for a year. Now I seek your Votes to function with the mandate of the entire Nigerian community. I hope that I am considered for this position to enable me continue to use my knowledge to assist whenever necessary. I intend to run a free monthly Legal Advice Clinic for Nigerians as a starting point towards assisting those that require same. As the Legal Adviser, I have had referrals from the Chairman several times and have gone on to assist them.


Ronke Adeagbo

Mrs Ibironke Ogenekewve Adeagbo FCA, FCCA, BSc, MSc

‘Ronke is a chartered accountant and in 2010 was voted as the chairman of ICAN UK District, a group of over 500 professionally qualified accountants in the UK.

‘Ronke’s vision, tenacity, passion and professionalism added tremendous value to ICAN UK. Under her leadership, ICAN UK’s membership grew remarkably and the first ever ICAN conference outside the shores of Nigeria was hosted.  ICAN UK celebrated the Nigeria’s 50th Anniversary celebrations by holding the first public lecture at, and with the collaboration, of the Nigeria High Commission in London, on how professional accountants in the Diaspora can contribute to the Economic Development of Nigeria. This has now become a regular feature in the district calendar.  During her tenure, the District also made significant progress in working with ICAN HQ to facilitate a Bill to regulate the NGO sector in Nigeria.

In 2007, as the Vice Chair of ICAN UK, she chaired the first ever ICAN Conversion programme in the UK, the first outside the shores of Nigeria. The programme has now led to over 400 Accountants in the UK achieving the ICAN qualification and facilitated members of ICAN UK feeling well equipped to return to Nigeria to utilise their financial expertise.

In recognition of this ICAN UK was awarded “ICAN District of the Year 2007” for the first time ever by the parent body iIn recognition for her outstanding contribution in raising the profile of ICAN outside the shores of Nigeria.

In 2009, she won the ‘ACCOUNTANT OF THE YEAR AWARD’ at the ‘Gathering of Africa’s Best’ Awards ceremony held in London. In June 2014, she was one of the 100 Nigerians to be awarded with the Nigeria Centenary award in the UK for her contribution to Finance. Ronke is currently, the Chief Financial Officer of her church. Ronke is an active member of CANUK. She is a member of the CANUK Finance committee and CANUK project team that organised the 2014 annual Nigeria Family Fun day for all Nigerians in the UK. She was a member of CANUK 2012 Olympic dinner committee, Nigeria First lady awards committee and 2011 Carnival Committee.

She is a recognised community champion.  For over five years, working as Director of Corporate services at an inner London College, she facilitated the award of International students’ bursaries and grants to African secondary school students, especially from Nigeria, which enabled them to come over to the UK to continue their education, whilst she mentored them to becoming professional accountants.


Dr Afolabi Dayo

 Mr Dayo Afolabi, a community leader in south London, earned his Higher Diploma degree in Accounting and Finance in Nigeria and worked for some years in the banking industry in Nigeria, before leaving for United Kingdom. He is an excellent ISEB Chartered Qualified Test Analyst in United kingdom with wide experience covering both a V Model and Agile software development environment. He capped his degree with BA (Hons) Law from Plymouth University in United Kingdom and with track records of successful handling of immigration and asylum cases in UK.

Mr Afolabi , is passionate about welfare of his fellow Nigerians ; this is why he is always ready to give a helping hand to people around him and through his organization, JUST A LITTLE HELP, which is a community welfare oriented group, that is channeled towards helping, youth,  mothers and elderly in the community.  He has done so many welfare works in Churches, Mosques, within the community and back home in Nigeria. Also, assisting on several issues such as Immigration, Housing, Police matters, Family Issues, Jobs, while reaching out to the Youth (MORALS & GOOD MANNERS) & Elderly (DEMENTIA).

His an advocate of promoting good image of Nigerians in Diaspora, Educating Nigerians on efforts of government towards development back home, and how to help build our nation Nigeria, while helping Nigerian wishing to relocate back home on how to return back to Nigeria successfully and sponsoring gifted less privilege students back home in Nigeria through the scheme “EDUCATE A CHILD”

Mr Afolabi is a member of the following welfare organizations

  • Organization: All Nigerian National in Diaspora (ANNID UK EUROPE) Position:  Chairman Europe
    • Organization: League of Nigerians in Diaspora ( LNID)

Position:  Member Board of Trustees

  • Organization: JUST A LITTLE HELP

Position:  Co- Chairman

INTEREST & ACTIVITIES: Volleyball, Swimming and Football.


Princewill Araromi
I just graduated in Oil and Gas Project Management First Class from Plymouth University.
I am also a certified project manager, Health and Safety consultant/Business analyst and currently consulting on a project with DLR, Dockland Light Rail.
I had previously graduated in Accounting in University College Yaba Tech, Lagos and also did my Postgraduate Program in IT, University of Lagos.
I was a Social secretary of the union in my school days.
Ex. Officio of Igbara Oke Union in the UK, I am also the Deputy Chairman of All Nigeria in Diaspora ANNID.
Co founder of Just a Little Help, a welfare organisation that looks out for Nigerians’ welfare both home and particularly here abroad.
I have been involved as a community leader with CANUK for over four years contributing my little quota in several projects till date.
I will like to render my services more to the community by offering my humble self to come to the main stream of the CANUK executive council 2015-2017 as an Assistant Welfare Officer


I am an Independent Financial Consultant, specialized in investment and wealth management, risk and financial protection. Having worked with global financial institutions including Lloyds TSB and Barclays Bank PLC. I graduated at the University of Lagos, studied Surveying before relocating to the UK. I am a member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI), and also a Member of the Chartered Insurance Institute-CII and Chairman of the Association of Nigerian Independent Financial Analysts-ANIF-UK. I have passion for the welfare of humanity, that we can make the world a much better place. I am passionate about my country Nigeria to serve, encourage, support and develop a Nigerian community in the UK. I solicit your votes as Assistant Gen Secretary in CANUK 2015-2017.