ATT00001At last the Actors Guild UK Nollywood is born.

On Sunday 8th March 2015 at The Z’bra Lounge South East London, the crème de la crème of the UK Nollywood industry met to decide the future direction of the industry. This meeting, the brain child of HRH Theodora Ibekwe Oyebade was called to discuss issues affecting Nollywood actors in the UK.

In attendance were, veteran actor Lanre Balogun, veteran director and producer Ruke Amata, Multi award winner and BEFFTA Best Actress 2014, Helen Gold Adenike Osabutey, BEFFTA Best Supporting Actress 2014, Tolulope Yesufu, ZAFAA Best Supporting Actress 2014, Mabel Osabutey, ZAFAA Best Director 2014, Mr M A Benson, True African Awards Best Actor 2014, Danny Erskine to mention a few amongst the many actors who came from all over the United Kingdom.

HRH Theodora Ibekwe Oyebade, a multi award winning actress and producer, who was also nominated President of the Guild, in her inaugural speech, enjoined members to work together to form a strong, formidable and vibrant Guild. She outlined her vision for the Guild which include raising industry standards, ensuring that producers honour their financial obligations to actors, promoting and commercialising actors products, ensuring that actors are adequately legally represented in case of disputes, to mention a few of the many objectives in the her mission statement.

Gracing the occasion was Mr. Emore, a business mogul, who is also the patron of the Guild. Mr. Emore asked members to foster the spirit of unity and togetherness. In his speech, he advised members to work to address the present problems of the industry including sound quality, picture quality, screenplay, editing and quality of storyline. He said he is prepared to source funding for the Guild when the right project is available.

An interim care taker executive committee was nominated to oversee the affairs of the Guild.

The meeting ended with Mr Emore entertaining attendees.

A new dawn and a new day is indeed here for UK Nollywood.

Written by Godwin Osabutey..General secretary AGUKN

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