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Cassandra is gonna get it if she carries on. Could anyone be that dumb, seriously my Trev would never go out with that. Don’t know what she is planning but it better stop.
Trev has been acting a bit strange, nervous weird. If Cassandra has been stirring or trying to get him to go with her I’ll have her.
He ran in the other night asked me to take care of some stuff in a bag and then he was gone.
Now my mum is acting up. She’s not keen on Trev. Thinks he’s no good for me, still she isn’t one for accepting people easily especially what she calls foreigners. Don’t know why she always judges him so negative. Can’t she see I’m happy with him. Reckon her being a police officer just makes her suspicious of everything.
I wonder what it is that Trev wants me to keep…

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