What will happen when Norman beats up Joyce and Latisha finds out, she also knows about the stolen cash Cassandra and Meagan are hiding Efe loves Ajuma, so does her Lawyer Jedai who claims to be helping her with her immigration problems.  Depesh still doesn’t know that her boyfriend once dated her cousin Parveen – which Parveen still has feelings for him. Tariq soon finds out that Police have been watching him over alleged terrorist activities. Rodney knows of a murder but is too frighten to tell anyone…. Trevor as something to do with it.  His  prints  are all over  the black bag which he gave Suzie to look after.  Suzie’s mum soon discovers this bag and its content which puts Trevor in the frame for murder. Davids mum tells him about his real father who was a friend of her dads. Saira plans to set up a charity to…

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