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Latishas’ words echoed ‘Mum can we talk please?’.Latisha has always been a young body with a older head, she would say something at times which would leave you wondering is this child really 14 or going onto 24? Roland had already responded negatively to Norman thinking he would become the next man of the household. What does Latisha need to talk about? The thoughts began to race through my mind. It was a wonderful evening with Norman. Was the visitation too much for Roland and Latisha to endure?

I dried my hands and turned to give Latisha my undivided attention. Latisha looks at me with a smile and hugs me. We both sat at the table. Latisha holds my hand. “Mum I can see the difference in you. You smile more, your humming you seem so relaxed and I think this is all thanks to Norman. You have been through…

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