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What a beautiful day, I’ll never stop loving waking up before its light, Rushing my breakfast before I rush outside to be greeted by the chill of London and the spitting of rain, ugh! Even if the sarcasm isn’t obvious how the day was gonna be was.  I hate the rain, among other things it messes up my hair. But whatevs, got bills to pay. Walked into work, ignore the daily lustrous looks from Olu, our resident security guard who looks like hes been there since MJ was black. Went to my position and sat down *sighs* one day i’ll be running this place. One day…

So lunch! Lunch lunch lunch, second best part of Tuesdays (apart from sleep obvs). So I started my Lunch ¾ hour (Don’t ask, Blame the government, I wanted an hour but yeah). Met Nicky (Nicola to you) and we went for a Vanilla Iced…

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