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I cant stop pacing up and down, trying to wrap my head around how I’m  going to make Megan give me the money.

I can’t believe she didn’t tell me about that stash, I thought we were better than that, thought she had my back, thought we had each others damn! Money really does change the bitches round here. Since Susan got moved and when Aaron got shot, everyone’s just all for themselves…Megan best believe I’m getting a piece of that. Did she really think I wouldn’t find out? Joke ting. Come to think of it, Martin must have something to do with it, let me call Aaron…..
I expected a lot of people, but Megan, nah bruv can’t believe this shit, that was my girl.
I cant stop staring  at this text, I keep  reading it over and over before I  finally decide to send the message to Megan, It…

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