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My mind is clouded. I can’t even listen to music right now. I really wish i could talk to someone about this. The depression is clearly killing me. “ i wonder if this would’ve happened if mum was here. Would she know what to do? i can’t even ask her….damn it. This is all her fault really. Maybe if she was around then i could get some solutions, a mother’s care. What is caring anyway? Does anyone really care about me? Nah, I’m just someone to take advantage of”

I heard that a lady not too far from hear is soon to be starting a youth charity,  whats her name again,  yeah,  Saira Atill.  She lives in one if those super luxurious expensive blocks.  I hope i get to see her,  maybe she can help me. ,  This world is hopeless, whats there to do other than sleep with my…

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