SUSANjailI feel as though my  life is over, dark thoughts are gradually taking over more and more of my mind. each day is a nightmare that is my reality which drags on. How will i live, how will i get a job when i get out of here, how will i survive. The foods horrible in hear.  Who will pick me  up when am finally released. I hear that Lee is back on road and is looking buff now.  Eventhough we had our differences,  Lee was cool,  his girlfriend is a bitch,  well his ex.  I heard Lee sent her bare VOs and she didnt link him once. Talking to Aaron recently, .I hope Rachel, Cassandra and Megan can learn from my experience…  I’ve got to keep my head up and focus on my release date,  i just keep thinking about eating kfc,  mcds and raving again.  Worst times are at night…

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