Image result for council flats londonLast night was mad! Trevor’s yards yard waz crazy, not to mention, Cassandra gave me a proper welcome home in more ways than one! Lol….Its hard getting back into life though when you are gone for so long.  I am finding it dificult to get back into the routine of things. Today’s the day, yeah I’ve not told anyone about this, before I went away, I stashed some cash away, you wouldn’t believe where? I knew I would have got nicked, I its proven that that I cant trust anyone – so I went to the park at the top of the road, dog a hole under a willow tree and buried my cash along with my strap wrapped up in a Tesco carrier bag and stuffed it in a metal box. This money will keep me going for a while, I need so some new clothes, sneakers and stuff, also I can drop some pees on Susan when shes out. I love how people carry on as…

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