MEAGANImage result for council flats london Walking in and seeing Bradley like that was a wake up call. I’m in over my head. I wanted this to fix us not break him. I walked in and he just sat there cut and bruised in the dark. He asked me what’s been going on. I said “I didn’t know what he meant.” He said it gain. “Honest Bradley, I got no idea…” Before I could finish he pinned me to the wall “Tell me now.”
I cracked….
“I found some money. Nothing stolen. I just found it in the house. After we got back and everything was screwed. There was money. and…”
“You didn’t think to say?”
“You’d of told me to hand it in.”
“You didn’t  think.”
I’ve never seen Bradley like this. The only other time he’s acted like this is when I first met his mum. She was being quiet not saying much…

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