aaronImage result for council flats londonMartin must think he has made it trying to act like he’s better then the blocks, I don’t even need a yg I’ll handle him my self. Obviously I just came out of pen, so its kinda sticky,  if he wants to bring me in and help me out it’s all good, we can eat together. If not I’ll take mans cake and eat good on my ones, he underestimates man because I’m a younger but he forgot one thing, I ant got nothing to lose. To be honest, I got better things to be doing at the moment, need to find my a place and maybe a nice lighty to go with it. But Martins on top of my list, 

A lot has changed round here,  this generation of youths coming up, new gangs and as usual more cats trying to catch a buzz..  I dont see it that…

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