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I cant believe it rained all night,  trust me to pick last night to go and dig up my money buried in the park.  When I buried it,  i never left no reminders where it was just in case it fell info the wrong hands,  fortunately,  I remembered everything,  down to the last detail of how long it would take me to dig.  I came home late,  i took a cab,  the driver looked at me kinder shook,  i was all dirty with a big luggage bag.  I gave him a score which was only a £8 fare,  he took it and drove of really fast.  I felt power now,  have got my money now.  Waking up the following morning,  really felt good,  I laid on my bed knowing a box of money was underneath me,  I could do what I wanted,  all I need now is for Susan to…

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