mike bposhhouse

Since them days on road, I get flash backs, I see Jail bars at night, and the guy who begged me not to throw him of the building. I must say, I miss the buzz. Now whats more important,  is my loyalty to keran.  She has had my back from the days when I use to run for the bus. You see,  its not all about the hype,  driving the biggest whips going through reds lights and saying to yourself,  police cant do me nutten!.  Its about calmness,  once you loose something that you cherish the most,  you will never get it back. Comparing Keran to Kiantai, yeah,  Kiantai looks glamorous and sexy,  but I know for sure Keran is a better girl. So why do i wanna risk loosing Keran?? I wonder who is ringing my buzzer this time of night,  I might have guessed,  its Arron…….

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