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The next day, i got to school late. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest since my faith is in myself. “What’s the point of coming to class anyway?” as i  walk down the corridor i hear some students in a nearby classroom rapping. Intrigued, i stands in the doorway of the class and listens to them exchange lyrics. I observe  them for a while before one of the boys noticed me. “You wanna spit?” i smiled, “nah, I can’t rap. I make beats”, “yeah? Well then… make a beat”. I  slowly walk up to the boys and start to make a beat on the table which the boys start rapping to. This goes on for a while until the bell rings. “You’re good. Do you always make beats?”, “yeah, on my laptop”. “I’d like to hear them sometime”. As the boy leaves i  can’t help but smile at his involvement…

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