Image result for council flats london  Ricky left early for work again this morning, smashing into all the moving boxes in the process. I feel like I barely see him anymore, this is supposed to be a new chapter in our lives but we´re drifting apart, I can feel it. We´re getting married soon, I should be all loved up right?.. I mean I love him, I really do, he´s my life but I feel like there´s so many secrets in our relationship. I can´t talk to him like we used to anymore, or is that my fault?, is it just me being paranoid cause there´s something I’m holding back from him.. I feel like I have to come clean and decide whether I’m worth loving anymore, I mean, it’s what a decent person should do… is it worth throwing away 2 years over a mistake? I hope it won’t come to that.

I´ve got…

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