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Kiantai is quite an alluring young woman. Hmmm, what does she want with me? I hear on the grapevine that she has a boyfriend whom I wouldn’t like to tussle with, isn’t she also close to Martin Brewster? Oh my……

Looking forward to our next meeting though, whenever that is but it cannot be at the office, Mike Bennett’s expression bothers me. My wife cannot find out,ms he’s already looking for clues and I don’t want Kiantai’s name involved.

Must get some work done, so many of these young men need my legal assistance! I seem to be losing my edge though, as I’ve lost quite a few cases in the past year and the young men keep getting jail time. Yet they keep recommending me.  A few days ago i got a phone call from Susan Barclays mum,  she wants to know if i can take on her case…

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