Image result for council flats london Myself and mike have been happily married for 3 years now.  I am 3 ½ months pregnant expecting our her first child. Am feeling very anxious and nervous , however mike is over the moon and couldn’t be happier,. We were on a break for 4 months almost a year ago,  we had to take that break to save our marriage,  well,  I thought it would.  During the break,  I went out a lot with my friends. I felt good again,  I looked forward to shopping for sexy clothes dressing up and going to clubs and having a laugh.  One night, we were out,  I met up with some friends from my old school,  I couldn’t believe it,  Marcus came too,  he looked so good. He used to like me back in the day,  but then I was so shy to go out with boys.  Marcus was wearing a…

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