mike bposhhouse

As i pour myself a glass of Hennessy on the rocks,  there is million and one things on my mind, like, ive just invested 80grand on some new development of flats.  You can be sure Aaron is not not one of them.
Aaron came up to see me couple days ago,  you know what,  when i saw him,  I kinder felt sorry for him.  I could see him when he walked down the hallway towards my front door,  the kid walks with an obvious limp.  When I opened the door,  all I could remember is the night when he stepped outside my car, some guys in a darken  Range drove past and bust a few shots, unfortunately, Aaron got them in His legs.  Them shots were meant for me.  Because of this,  ive come to an understanding with Aaron,  we agreed there is no beef between us,  and we are…

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