Tensions are rising within the community. Regardless of age,  gender and status,  both neighborhoods  are facing some challenging situations. As the summer approaches in this vibrant part of south London,  there are going to be some drastic and critical things which will effect many, including the new tenants moving on the estate. Since Efe went to Nigeria,  no one as herd from him,  word is,  he as been kidnapped out there. Jedai has bitten of more than he can chew,  his wife as found out about is debts and his sleeping around antics. Joyce feels that her boyfriend Norman likes her daughter Latisha. Susan as had more time added to her sentence due to her involvement in a  fight where an inmate got stabbed. Lauren as gone back to Ibiza for the summer where she as found out she as an std. Nylah as bagged a new boyfriend who is…

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