Wow wow, the cheque as cleared, I must tell Lucile. It was was worth it, that night with Jedai, I must say older guys don’t ramp, Lol. I wonder if  Jedai as noticed there is a cheque missing from his book. Success, progress smells good. And I did it. Just a few more bags and I have enough cash for my deposit and six months upfront payment for my pad.
Once I’m in there I can make a plan of how I can own it. Daydreaming about this luxury apartment. I suddenly snap out of it!
The only way il get it is if I put myself there. And feel it!

I went there to see it. A massive view of the Thames, my hair was blowing in the wind I felt it in the palm of my hand I owned it I saw it. I wanted it!!!

I can…

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