mike bposhhouse

I still have to wonder these days about this generation, there is still a lot for these youths  to learn. Arron don’t really understand the streets as he should. Boy, if it wasn’t for him, i might not have been here now. Am not gonna tell him now, but am gonna give 30k. I need to go and do some food shopping, Keran is coming home tomorrow, I really miss her, she as been on a teachers training course in Leeds for the past three weeks. Last night, I was up till late just thinking about her, what would I do if I was to go  jail, I would loose her for sure, that  I do know. Lately, I have been having a lot of flash backs to when me and Lance use to roll, we had some crazy times, I remember when he had a fight with stripper in a club up west, Lol…

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