nadineImage result for council flats london Marcus was looking so fine his designer suit. I could have died when he leaned in to hug me, he smelt so good. We laughed all night and caught up on life back then. (Smirk) we got so carried away with time we failed to realise the club was closing.

I noticed my girls Kiantai and Lucile were gone, caught up in so much fun I didn’t even realize they had texted me, coming to think of it I couldn’t remember the last time I was out by vybzing like that, guess I got carried away lol. Outside the club Marcus asked me for my number, where I was still buzzing off the night I didn’t hesitate to give him my number.

As we said our goodbyes I went to walk away, Marcus gently grabbed my right wrist causing me to suddenly stop. As he drew me closer to…

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