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You see, if I wanted to send man a away for life I could be so bad mind and snitch on Martin, but its cool, I’l keep that card in my pocket when I need it. Hes probably forgotten what happened to that yoot him and Lance beat up.  We on calm terms now, no beef, that’s calm, wouldn’t even mind to be honest, I can tell he feels sorry for me, but I don’t need that, my fingers still work, so don’t watch face. He’s coming with some talk about the community and that, don’t mind helping, but the community wouldn’t care, it would still destroy its self. Right now, am pissed, no money, I even hear that Lucile is busting moves again, Lee as cashed stashed and all ive got is a dead leg…But as long as Martins dropping me pee, I’m calm with that. Yeah, on the…

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