Image result for council flats london I swear I’m gonna change my name kmt, sooooooo I’m hearing Aaron likes Rachel yeah, lol okay then good luck with that, dumb bitch. You know I really can’t stand that girl. why as I’m entering Megan’s block, she’s leaving with a big grin and £50 in her hand, as we where standing face to face staring at each other, I swear I just wanted to pounce and done her there and then, but I thought nah Cassandra don’t do it, Be smart about this with the right bit of help maybe I can get rid of her for good. I mean this girls nothing but problems in my life mmmmmmmmm ….. Maybe if I talk to Trevor he’ll be in on the plan, I mean she’s threatening to tell people what she saw in the car and that, it won’t only affect me, it’ll affect him and his…

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