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I’m high as a kite right now. The celebration party Last night was AMAZING.
I know Lucille Was happy for me too.
it probably reminds her of herself a few years back. It makes her question if 9-5 is really the way forward! Last night we were living the dream:-)

The estate agent that showed me around my future pad invited us to one of his clients gatherings. WOW!!! They had everything, Martin was there too… I jumped into the pool, I was so exited. Lucille was laughing. We went swimming we drank champagne it was so much fun!

Someone has posted a picture on Facebook… Apparently Jedai wants to talk to me. I can’t risk him stitching me up. Somehow I don’t think he will, I have a lot on him,
need to make sure he shuts his trap. Lance comes back from Turkey soon, I cant let him…

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