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Oy, temptation is a pain! Keantai has things going so good for her now,  am so
happy for her. The party we went to was sic,  we can have the same mad partiez when she moves in the new flat.  We make a good team, like back in the day with  Martin and Lance. Martin has turned over a new leaf now,  I wonder how long he can stay on a good path? times are so hard… so mundane… so passionless. i just hope Francine tells Ricky before its too late, I don’t want  to see her get hurt. I’m looking forward to getting home and  just clearing my mind with some good ole reggae. I need to find an answer to the words of the legend that is Marley ‘What do you mean by riches?’…. Should I find the riches that are in love and life? Or am I…

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