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Lance Is coming back today. 😊 and I  just can’t wait to go out with him and Lucille and have some cocktails and and food together, maybe at the Mayfair.
I know Martin will want to come too but not sure how it will go down as Keran is back!! She bores him though, He looks like he wants to break free. It’s nice to feel secure in a relationship.  I wonder why I am such a chancer?  Well, I’d rather have a life of excitement than be dull or bored.
I know what Lucille’s sister Francine thinks of me and Tayan, but really and truly…  at the end of the of the day, im just focusing on my life not making excuses and feeling sorry for myself, I don’t Care what others are doing, that’s their business. How can someone judge you when they have their own issues to deal with?!

Anyways I’m off to get things ready for Lance arrival. Welcome him home…

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