club  So I’ve just got home and Keantai tells me that she’s moving in one dem luxury pads, all good. I still haven’t told her ive taken over a night club up west,  yep its all mine now. I went to Turkey and  massh some deals where – I  transferred the cash straight to my solicitor.  I pick up the keys today. Ive always wanted my own club,  now i can definitely keep of road. I can make legal pees now and police cant touch me and tell me nutten. You know who i want to be my manager?,  yeah, Lucille,  that girl can handle anything, with Trevor in charge of security, no one can move to us,  but to be safe, we will have a heater not far from the entrance of the club. Mums gonna be proud of me,  her boys done good.  It was nice to be…

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