mike bposhhouse

Well Lucille  is really doing her thing now, hope she can keep it strong and not get caught up with the hype of others, or get carried away by Keantai’s hotness. she knows how things work out there on road, but hope she doesn’t get anything twisted, there’s plenty she can do with her life,  Keantai means well at times, but she seems to be enjoying life, she’s really taking it to a next level. At the party the other day,  she was really on it. I mean, man, wow, guess each to there own, everyone doing there thing a little way different. Ha, I wonder how Lance will be taking on all of that and then some, he’s sure in for a ride if that, envy him in a way, but will see how things go, for now. Each time I drive pass the estate down the road, there…

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