I’m so happy to be back. That training course was intense, I’m glad it’s over and I’m home.  Last night Martin and I had a few of our friends and family over.  Nadine made us a nice cake  and Saira bought us some really nice flowers. I’ve missed my hubby so much,  but hes been acting really off since I’ve been back & I don’t know what it is, his mind seems to be somewhere else.

I remember when he used to look at me,  I would  get that feeling I’m the only girl that makes him happy. I want my baby back. I know he still loves me, but I feel he is  hiding something. This morning,  as he was taking a shower,  he left his phone in the kitchen,  it was ringing, I wanted to answer, but never did, the name of the caller was Keantai. Before he…

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