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I should have taken longer leave from work.. I’ve been running around Europe like a madwoman. 3 different countries in 2 days is beyond exhausting. The wedding DJ’s just cancelled, something about a double booking.. If my luck gets any worse I’ll end up with Kim Kardashian’s record of the shortest marriage. I dont know whats going on with my sister Lucille, but I think she needs some help. This morning, i woke up early, needed some tea, so I went into the kitchen, who did I see, only that  guy Martin leaving our flat!  Rick and I  sat down and had dinner together last night, I think that’s the first time we’ve done it properly for a while, it’s either he’s taking the night shift and I’m in Prague, or we’re just too tired to do anything. I’ve started to feel more like we’re family again, like a team…

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