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Last night was crazy!.  It was just a few of us who had some drinks at Lances new club,  Martin and Lucille came with a few of their friends.  We had lots to drink and lot of chat about back in the day. I asked martin why he didn’t bring keran along,  he said,  she had a lot of marking to do.  Lucille, her new name should be’ miss flirt’,  well, she came in this short black dress wearing sandals carrying a Channel purse. The way martin had her up,  they  might as well had left and went in the car or to a hotel!

Am writing this from my bed,  I feel so woozy,  I should have known lance wouldn’t have made me get any sleep. The guy was none stop, 9.30 for real, you no what i mean lol.  Haven’t even had my morning tea. Lance always makes…

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