Meet the lover boy landlord in Murderer – inlaw

aa76397_5399929Ken Smart is a multi-award winning actor blessed with style and substance He played the role of Landlord in Murderer inl aw.He always harass his tenants and would go to any length to get what he this film.His talents have secured him numerous lead roles for characters in film, television and stage productions.

He remains the face of many private organizations, and some govt. agencies. He has many roles under his belt, from pastor to gangster, lover boy to grandfather,detective to fugitive,Landlord to tenant.He is a versatile actor with pride in being dynamic, spontaneous, communicative and extremely charming. His TV appearance include ‘Mixed blessings’ & Cameo appearance in ‘Meet the Adebanjos’, has made a leap to both film and TV,  and his acting skills have earned him the status of leading man especially in his previous  film ‘Moral Conflict’ which has won him multiple awards.

He has had a number of credits to his name, both on stage and screen – starred in ‘Anna & Rose,Moral Conflict ,Game of the Child,At Home Abroad’ ,murderer in-law, The Perfect man, Rose  & played King Ade in the last film ‘Kingmakers’.
He won BEFFTA & GAB awards in 2013 and won NAFCA award in Hollywood in 2014 just to mention a few Nominated for other numerous awards.
He was selected  to present award at the 10th Screen nation Awards and forthcoming African Oscars in Beverly Hills