SUSANjail   After time, depressing thoughts begins  to takeover.. Am i ever actually going to get released ? Would i  even be able to get a job? Filling out job applications would be so different, i would have to fill in spaces that i would normally  simply skip, do you have any convictions? Would the employer look at my application and judge without a second thought. Life or what’s left of it would be different, this would haunt me all my life, they’d be no escaping it. Could being released from prison be even worse than staying in? After being released i would have to explain myself to everyone, friends, family.. Would staying incarcerated be easier, because slowly but surely life in prison would be just that life. Life as i know it…. . Was i dreaming!,  Its 7am, time to get up,  breakfast soon.  Am so happy today,  even though

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