Murderer-in-Law Premiere Takes London By Storm Sponsored by Lebara

IMG_8682    The London Premiere of Murderer -in-law held last Friday, 26th June 2015 @ the popular
Odeon cinema, Greenwich was massive and all cast and crew were in attendance.
Also in attendance were Nigerian UK based Mayors, Ex-Mayors, Councillors,
also prominent on the red carpet are UK Based Nollywood stars, Members of the Nollywood Uk Actors Guild, Producers, The patron of the Actors guild Mr. J Emore, Zafaa CEO Sam Anwuzia, Dr Boma Douglas & wife, The President of Canuk Babatunde Loye, Veteran Director Ruke Amata, Veteran Actress Victoria Inyama, Dipo Winsala CEO Nollywood Movies, Mrs P. Abraham, Godwin Osabutey, Ayo Oyebade, Moses Babatope CEO Talking Drum, Kene Nkparu CEO Film House, Ify Okeke (Sufunmi in the film) was represented by the mum.
Numerous TV Stations including NTA, AIT, BEN TV, NOLLYWOOD MOVIES TV just to mention a few.
The Premiere was organized/Promoted by Theodora PR  the official media partner/Consultant owned by the Pr Supremo Theodora Ibekwe-Oyebade also an actress in the film and Associate producer.
The film was written and Produced by Tolulope Yesufu and the MC of the nite was UK’s media guru
Broadcast by Theodora Pr
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The highlight of the night is certificate of appreciation presented to Lebara by theodorapr

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