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“Beep, beep” ah shit. My flipping alarm. I woke up feeling groggy and shitty. After last night’s bat shit crazy episode I cant even move. The effects of the weed were still in me. I just felt last and didn’t want to move. As I lay in my bed, alarm still ringing, I could only recall Marcus getting his face bashed in. The screams of terror coming from his mouth. The ride back home in the speeding car the gang was driving to get away from the scene. I remember getting out with them telling me to keep it shut or else I’ll get something worse than Marcus. Sigh……what’s happening to my life? When I think it’s getting a little better, these assholes come back and torment me. I guess I’m not allowed to have a great life. As I turned I saw my maths book, stupid thing. Learning, academics…

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