Now I know I’m meant to have kiantai  back…she’s my girl and I know that’s the way it has to be, eventhough there are a lot of secrets and lies.   I hear shes been at it again.
Everyone’s talking about this and that,  but i want to hear from her whats been going on for real.  There are too many haters trying to see us break up.  But still,  i cant let her  disrespect me.

I can’t have this ?? What am I meant to do? And all this stuff with Lucile is getting out of control -word on the street is that Lucile owes people money and as for Martin,  he better be careful,  he should remember what happened with him and Lucille back in the day….

I know am not the one to say anything, but that was then! This is now .. and I changed my…

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