mike bposhhouse  Woke up this morning,  keran hasn’t said a word to me,  i went to kiss her,  she just kissed her teet, got up and went to the bathroom. My phone started to ring,  i just ignored it, couldn’t be bothered.  I picked it up and switched on a random radio station, i couldn’t believe the song that was being played,  yeah,  it was about a girl called Lucille,  how weird is that.  With Lucille all up on my case, can’t help but wonder how this is gonna turn out, funny how it goes sometimes. There it is lipstick on my collar, boy how do i play this one in the immortal words of Shaggy, ‘it wasn’t me’. Keantai told Keran it was just vibes. Hell i guess it’s all part of the game as they say, Keran knows something is up, i can tell, she ain’t stupid. I need to fix all dis shit before it all comes on…

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