mike bposhhouse

How could this kid, Aarron brake into Saira’s place just like that, what the hell is he thinking, I mean i’m gonna keep him sweet and ting, so whats he on, cha. Well i shouldn’t just jump to conclusions just like that though, there is also the fact that he might not of done it.  Boy, Jamaica really is calling me now, i definitely need a break, I cant wait to chill wid my family, beat some real food and hang out at night drinking redsripe and checking out some phat catty lol. Well,  its Jamaica. This Makes me wonder though,  should i take keran? This would give us the opportunity  to get close again,  or it could even drive us more apart.  Hope Lance and his club is ok whilst am away. I heard someone as threatened him.  He needs to have is security on lock, then the business…

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