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Since I moved here I feel like ive been sooooo self involved, so let me tell you about some of the new people I got in my life at the moment. Saira my arab queen lol Im not even joking with that statement, She needs to take me on a magic carpet rideeeeee…but no she is incredible, humble too. Shes well off, I mean WELL off. But shes also really nice obliterating the common “Im rich your poor now shine my shoes you KFC eating peasant” stereotype attitude. But regardless of her money ive never met anybody with such a big heart, thats my girl for life right there. Im gonna help her out with her Youth Work Programme whenever I got some free time, she really cares about young people even the Questionable ones like Rodney and Aaron, (we’ll discuss him later) she cares and I genuinely think she…

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