laura mImage result for council flats london“Suzie stayed out all night last night.She didn’t come back till this afternoon. Mum is so angry! I’m a little annoyed as well right now, to tell you the truth. 

I ask her where she was all night, and she tells me she was with Trevor at a hotel, but she was a little vague with the details. I ask her what they got up to, and she clammed up. I kept on urging her to tell me what she was doing, and why she had decided to stay out all night without telling anyone where she was or when she was coming back.

 She yells at me to stay out of her life, and runs upstairs to her room. I don’t follow her. I’m too upset to argue. Just then, I get a call from Nylah. Do I want to hang out later? Hell yes! Sitting…

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