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This week has been  joke KMT. Imagine I get envelope threw my door, saying YOUR DEAD! I’M A CATCH YOU OUTSIDE LANCE’S NEW CLUB! . I wonder who catching feeling in the ends. There could be countless of people who could have wrote that, man dem baby mothers I slept with, man dem that I robbed. Ah well seen how they knew where I lived they could of done their business there and then, ha ha shook ones.

Oh my daze, this Crystal Walters is beginning to make me laugh now in a pissed of way, first I found out I could be a potential dad to this yout that not even born yet. Now I’m hearing it could be 20 others guy, I for sure don’t want no kid with a hoe. And imagine if Suzie or Cassandra finds out, Shit.

I swear I shouldn’t even give a shit…

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