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Oh shit, the police are at my door! Damn what do they want? I hope it’s not about the car or anything like that. I mean, how could they possibly have known it was me??? I didn’t pull the job off. And what if they’re not for the car? I can’t let them in because my house smells of weed. Wait a minute…..all my life I’ve been so introverted…..maybe if I acted a lil bit like my gang I could probably get away scot free. It’s a long shot but I guess I have nothing to lose- hold up……dad’s home?!?!?

Ok, act casual, he talking to them. Maybe I can listen in from the side? They’re talking about a break in. Could it be for Saira? They would come and question me wouldn’t they; to ask my whereabouts and to see if I were involved. If they tried Aaron they…

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