Fresh back ina de place from Jamaica, had to take some time to get into the swing of things, after feeling so Ire and ting, as dem say out there, it was turn up and bless. I’ve been hearing all sorts of things since i got back, mad ting,  what one of my cousins would say to be more accurate. Missing it all already, lush green panoramic views that could do more then just take your breath away. Bwoy sharp contrast ee, from beach party’s and all most everything and anything.  Out there and temperatures exceeding 30 plus practically every day, to drab weather and people to match, some people need to take a trip. So get this now, Crystals pregnant and trust, know one knows who the father is, can you imagine what Kerran is thinking and every one else too, for that matter, I was defiantly not expecting all this…

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